July 29, 2016

Building a new home? With energy costs rising almost daily, have you thought about how this will affect your energy costs in your new home. CIW Manufacturings Energy Efficient products were designed to put $$$ back in your pocket. Feel good about the savings, feel good about the environment by using ENERGY EFFICIENT products made by CIW Manufacturing.


Since 1989, the Consulwal™ product has been manufactured and marketed as a One-Step Wall Forming and Insulating System. This system was developed in 1964 and has since been widely used in North America and Europe.

The quality of the Consulwal™ product has been greatly improved upon to produce an even better product for today’s aggressive building industry.

At present CIW Manufacturing offers, through its head office and its dealers the following services:

- Full Technical and Engineering Support
- Design and Architectural Services
- Project Quotes
- Project Management
- Full backup of ancillary products
- Full installation services with our licensed technicians

Product Description:

Consulwal™ is a light weight, high strength, permanent in-place concrete form that is less labor intensive than either concrete wall forming or block construction. Consulwal™ concrete insulated walls require up to
25% less concrete and produce concrete up to 50% stronger. Each Consulwal™ unit is 4 ft. long by 16” high and either 9 ¼“, 11 ¼”, or 13 ¼” wide, depending upon whether a 4”, 6”, or 8”. thick wall is being formed. Each Consulwal™ unit weighs approximately 5 lbs. instead of up to about 228 lbs. for 6 standard, 8 in. concrete blocks.

It is manufactured of a specially formulated expanded polystyrene material and each forming unit is specified as...

- Non-combustible
- Non-toxic
- Rot-proof
- A moisture barrier
- Providing reduced sound transmission
- A superior insulating material
- A Green Product
- Ozone Friendly

-A home built with Consulwal™
- Will use 75% less lumber
- Will reduce energy costs by a minimum of 66%
- Is Allergy Free
- Is a Healthy Building

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