July 29, 2016

Building a new home? With energy costs rising almost daily, have you thought about how this will affect your energy costs in your new home. CIW Manufacturings Energy Efficient products were designed to put $$$ back in your pocket. Feel good about the savings, feel good about the environment by using ENERGY EFFICIENT products made by CIW Manufacturing.


Construction Advantages:

The Consulwal™ concrete forming system can be used in any situation where wood framed, masonry or concrete walls are being specified. In addition, it will also accept any of the commonly used external finishing materials, i.e., brick, siding (aluminum or wood) and stucco. Specifically, the construction advantages of the Consulwal™ concrete forming system are:

1) Speed - Consulwal™ units are speedily assembled and accelerate the entire construction and delivery schedule;

2) Efficiency - The Consulwal™ units are installed to the required height, and then the concrete is placed in the forms all in one continuous operation;

3) Less Skilled Labor - Minimum skilled labor is supported by non-skilled labor for majority of work;

4) Less Concrete Required - A Consulwal™ wall will use less concrete than a wall formed with other types of forms;

5) Strength and Durability of reinforced concrete;

6) Eliminates the need for stripping and cleaning of forms;

7) Quality - Concrete is moisture protected by the permanent form and also able to properly cure for up to a year because of the protection provided by the Consulwal™ system;

8) One-step Forming and Insulating capability - A Consulwal™ concrete wall provides a minimum R-36 thermal resistance and more when interior and exterior finishes are added;

9) Waste is kept to a minimum;

10) Callbacks are reduced - Cracked walls are virtually eliminated.

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