June 1, 2012 8:49 AM

Building a new home? With energy costs rising almost daily, have you thought about how this will affect your energy costs in your new home. CIW Manufacturings Energy Efficient products were designed to put $$$ back in your pocket. Feel good about the savings, feel good about the environment by using ENERGY EFFICIENT products made by CIW Manufacturing.


Placing Consulwal units:

While the Consulwal™ concrete wall forming system will provide an excellent structure, good workmanship is still essential to obtain the best results. Of particular importance are the following general guidelines:

1) Design horizontal measurements for walls and openings on even one-foot centers.

2) Make footings level. Secure the first course of Consulwal™ units in a channel, which has been fastened to the footing.

3) Provide adequate bracing for corners. Vertical support of walls shall be every 6 - 8 feet.

4) Measure and cut units with normal 'carpenter care'

5) Prepare wall alignment bracing and bucks for wall cut-outs before starting concrete pour.

6) Place Consulwal™ units with the tongue up and tongue and grove joint fully engaged. Offset vertical joints 12” and ensure that the form centers are properly aligned.

7) Pour concrete lifts of 48” and ensure that the concrete is placed with care so as to avoid surges or excessive downward force (pumping is the recommended method)

8) Concrete must have a 5 " to 6" slump.

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