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April 25, 2013

Building a new home? With energy costs rising almost daily, have you thought about how this will affect your energy costs in your new home. CIW Manufacturings Energy Efficient products were designed to put $$$ back in your pocket. Feel good about the savings, feel good about the environment by using ENERGY EFFICIENT products made by CIW Manufacturing.



Depending on the size of the building project, labor is kept to a minimum. The only skilled labor required is a 'rough' carpenter and support laborers (unskilled). All the tools needed to set up the Consulwal™ concrete wall forming system are a part of a rough carpenter's tool kit. (i.e., saw, plumb line, level, snips). A Consulwal™ concrete wall should typically be completed in at most ¼ the time of concrete block construction and at most ½ the time of traditional forming.

Plumbing and Wiring:

Piping and wiring are easily cut into the form, therefore, standard installation methods are recommended.

Finishing Interior and Exterior Walls:

All standard exterior and interior finishes can be applied (i.e., brick, siding, stucco, drywall, etc.)


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