June 1, 2012 3:45 PM

CIW Manufacturing launches a new look and a new future with products to help you build your new home..Products that will save you BIG $$$$ in heating and cooling costs.


R-Ready Air Handlers by Ecologix

Features advanced micro-processor control

    •  In heating mode, the completely variable fan speed is automatically selected by the control to provide the greatest comfort and quietest operation that meets the space heating demand. The control also provides longer heating cycles for greater comfort and improved air circulation.

    •  In cooling mode, the control continuously measures room conditions and adjusts fan speed to deliver the ideal amount of cooling and dehumidification.
    •  Automatically compensates for varying heat loads and humidity levels.
    •  Built-in cooling freeze protection in case of blocked filter or duct restriction.
    •  Once-a-day pump exerciser to reduce maintenance worries.
    •  Cooling unit controls pre-wired for easy installation.

Only R-Ready air handlers are guaranteed to deliver the rated output when connected to the Rinnai Continuum.

    •  Heating coil slides out front for easy servicing
    •  Add-on cooling is easy with a slab coil or A coil
    •  Return air can be mounted on left or right side, bottom, or back of unit
    •  Unit mounts in any direction up, down, horizontal discharge left or right
    •  Small dimensions allow ceiling mounting or mounting above a water heater

The Rinnai Continuum is a unique, fully-modulating on-demand water heater that will provide endless hot water more efficiently than any common tank-type water heater. It is also an excellent energy-efficient choice as the heat source for a combination heating system.
The unique characteristics of the Rinnai require a special air handler.
Regular air handlers may deliver 70 percent or less of their rated heat output when connected to the Rinnai Continuum.
The R-Ready air handler is tested with the Rinnai Continuum on-demand water heater and is guaranteed to deliver the rated output.

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