August 4, 2016

CIW Manufacturing launches a new look and a new future with products to help you build your new home..Products that will save you BIG $$$$ in heating and cooling costs.



Why ever run out?

Guaranteed to keep you in hot water forever.

Having to guess the water temperature at bath time is not safe. Old technology hot water tanks have to be operated at high temperatures, and then mixed with cold water at the tap. Then temperature adjustments have to be made constantly as you shower or fill your bath. The Continuum Water Heating System allows you to select the perfect temperature you desire, when and where you want it. And, you get your perfect temperature every time.

Safety and convenience

You no longer have to risk changes in hot water temperatures in your home. Therefore, no more scalding. You simply set your kitchen control panel for the high temperature you need there, the master bath for your comfort, and your children's bath at a safe temperature. Just image never ending hot water at the exact temperature you desire. ALL OF THE TIME EVERY TIME!

Room by room control

With old technology hot water tanks you can only set the temperature once, at the highest setting required anywhere in your home. This can be dangerous, particularly for young and elderly people. The Continuum Hot Water System with our exclusive control panels, will guarantee you the right temperature. ALL OF THE TIME EVERY TIME!

Lowers your utility bills

Having an old technology hot water tank means you have to heat water 24 hours a day whether you need hot water or not. A typical family might use hot water only in the morning and for a few hours in the evening. Heating water 24 hours a day is both highly inefficient and wasteful. With the advanced technology in The Continuum Hot Water Heating System, you heat water only when you use it, only the amount you use, and only to the temperature YOU selection. Just imagine the savings on your utility bills! ALL OF THE TIME EVERY TIME!

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