June 22, 2012 3:28 PM

We would like to welcome you to our newest addition to the CIW website. To help you to decide on the design of your new home, we have added some design layouts for you to choose from. If you see something that you like contact us and we can discuss it with you more in depth.

Remember this will be your house, all drawings are not final and modifcations can be made to suite your needs.


What kind of home can concrete build? A beautiful home. That's built to last. 

Today's concrete homes, built with CIW Manufacturing's products, combine strength with stylistic flexibility. From traditional to contemporary, concrete homebuilding systems offer limitless design possibilities. Beneath the drywall and siding is solid concrete, ready to stand up to the flying debris of tornados and hurricanes and the devastating effects of fires and earthquakes. Plus, the superior energy efficiency and soundproofing qualities of a concrete home means greater comfort for your family year round.

The plans in this special section combine all of the benefits of concrete home building with architectural beauty. These plans have been specifically designed for the products from CIW Manufacturing. Unlike wood-frame homes, these plans do not need to be redrawn.

Please note that because our designs are limited, if you choose too many options, your results may come back blank. If this happens please return to this page and select fewer options. This search engine works best with two of your top selections.




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