June 1, 2012 1:37 PM

Images in the Consulwal ICF gallery, will show you new homes being built with the Mitek Joist system. Click Here to go there:


Mitek Advantage:


  • Available in a variety of depths to match most conventional or engineered lumber products.
  • Manufactured to precise engineering specifications, for a strong; rigid truss system
  • Delivers reliable performance
  • Saves on labour and materials
  • The Posi-Strut Open Web Truss System is lightweight so it's easy to handle and install. Plus, its wide nailing surface speeds up installation of floor sheathing. The top chord bearing detail allows support beams to be hidden within the extra cost of installing joist hangers.
  • Posi-Strut is also available with an optional trimmable end, for even greater jobsite flexability. And its available when you need it.
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