February 20, 2005

Energy Efficient  By Design

On average, ICF Showcase Homes use 40% less energy than identical wood-frame houses built to current building code standards.
The insulating blocks used to construct ICF walls are made from high-performance rigid insulation. Combined with the heat-storing properties of the concrete core, ICF walls provide superior insulation and reduce the effects of wind and outdoor temperature swings on home comfort.
ICF Showcase Homes demonstrate the incredible energy efficiency that can be achieved using this advanced home building system. 40% less energy use means 40% lower energy bills, year after year.

Draft-Free Construction Keeps the Weather Outside

In most homes, a significant portion of heat loss is caused by air leakage through the exterior walls.
With traditional construction, exterior walls have hundreds of small joints where wall studs, floor plates and door and window framing meet. Every joint is a potential air leak that can let cold air, dust and moisture into your home. However, ICF wall systems dramatically reduce unwanted air leakage.
With ICF construction the exterior walls are a continuous structure from the base of the foundation to the eaves. By eliminating unnecessary joints, air leakage is kept under control. An advanced heat recovery ventilation system is installed to ensure superior indoor air quality.