February 20, 2005

Warmth Where it Matters

In-floor radiant heating puts warmth where it matters most – under your feet. By delivering a constant, even temperature, radiant heat increases your comfort while keeping heating costs down.

In homes with forced-air heating, the temperature at the ceiling can be extremely warm, while the floor may be cold.

Radiant Comfort– Not Hot Air

Wood stoves and fireplaces give off soothing warmth you can feel. That's radiant heat! Radiant energy travels through the air and produces heat when it reaches an object. In-floor radiant heating systems use this principle to deliver exceptional comfort that hot-air heating simply can't match.

With radiant heating, your home is silently warmed by heated water flowing through a network of tubing embedded in the floor. The heat from the water is absorbed by the concrete sub-floor and then radiated gently upwards. You feel warmth, not hot air.

In the Comfort Zone

Radiant heating keeps the temperature in your home steady. The concrete floor's thermal mass holds heat and releases it slowly over time. Advanced electronic controls ensure this heat is replenished before you notice a drop in temperature.