February 20, 2005

Solid Walls Make the Difference

A peaceful , quiet home without the intrusion of neighbourhood noises enhances your comfort and sense of privacy. ICF homeowners often say that the quietness of their home is one of the things they value most.

Sound travels easily through air and the light-weight insulation typically used in frame walls. In contrast, the layers of rigid insulation and steel-reinforced concrete in an ICF wall are ideal for absorbing sound, keeping outside noise where it belongs  outside.

Proven Peace and Quiet

Laboratory testing has proven the effectiveness of concrete wall systems in controlling noise infiltration.

With traditional construction, common noises are muffled by a frame wall but are still heard clearly within a home.

ICF systems can reduce the outside noise that enters a home by 60% or more. In practical terms, this means noise produced by lawn mowers, truck and motorcycle engines and emergency vehicle sirens will be reduced to inaudible levels by an ICF wall.